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There is something soothing and eternal about the quiet energy of aquamarine. This serene stone has the most beautiful blue-green colors seen in the gemstone world (when it is a raw, untreated aquamarine).

I am wearing my favorite aquamarine bracelet as I write this, and can't help but be mesmerized by the healing water-like energy of this peaceful stone.

The name aquamarine means sea water (obviously!).

Aquamarine, just like the emerald, is a variety of beryl. In its light blue-greenshades, aquamarine can be quite affordable, but the deeper blue color aquamarine can command high fees. 

Just like the emerald, the aquamarine has a 7.5-8 hardness on Mohs scale, meaning it is relatively strong but can still easily break. Aquamarine can also lose some of its colour if exposed to strong sunlight for extended periods of time.

Most aquamarine in high-end jewellery is heat-treated to deepen its blue colour. So, be mindful about that if your heart is set on aquamarine. Personally, I love the raw aquamarine for its variety of blue-green hues, as well as its potent energy.

WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT AQUAMARINE? Aquamarine - the sea water stone - has a very soothing energy. It has stories to tell and songs to sing - there must be a reason why the aquamarine was considered a lucky stone for sea travellers!

Because of its flowing, peaceful energy, aquamarine has a strong ability to help move and purify your own energy, thus can aid emotional healing, as well as deepen meditative states.

Energy-wise, the aquamarine is ruled by the Moon and is infused with yin, feminine energy. In its  healing and nourishing effects the aquamarine can be compared to the moonstone.

WHERE DOES AQUAMARINE COME FROM? Most of the aquamarine on the market today comes from Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Colombia, India, Russia and several other countries.

WHAT ARE THE SPECIFIC PROPERTIES OF AQUAMARINE? The most prominent quality of aquamarine is its ability to heal and soothe one's unbalanced emotional states. It also helps relieve stress and can protect your energy from being drained by negativity surrounding you at work, for example.

If you are learning to meditate, the aquamarine can help you access deeper meditative states, as well as get in touch with your own inner wisdom and source of power.

Aquamarine also:

  • Heals emotional trauma
  • Cools high temper and conflict
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps get in touch with suppressed emotions
  • Brings peace
  • Clears the mind
  • Calms the heart
  • Helps speak the truth
  • Strengthens psychic abilities

    The beautiful aquamarine is the birthstone of the astrological sign of Gemini and it expresses the energy of the month of March. Aquamarine is also the birthstone of the Chinese zodiac sign of Ox.

    If you feel drawn to the soothing and wise energy of aquamarine, you can purchase either a small stone  or a form of aquamarine jewelry to enhance your personal energy.

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